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    Meet our board members

    Our board members are passionate about patient care and shaping the future of the NHS. They are all experts in their respective fields and have a wealth of experience in healthcare and other, related industries.

    Prem Singhs headshot

    Prem Singh

    ICB Non-Executive Chair

    Peter Axons headshot

    Peter Axon

    ICS/ICB Interim Chief Executive Officer

    David Pearsons headshot

    David Pearson

    Non-Executive Chair of Remuneration Committee

    Megan Nurses headshot

    Megan Nurse

    Non-Executive Chair of Finance and Performance Committee

    Julie Houlders headshot

    Julie Houlder

    Non-Executive Chair of Audit Committee

    Josephine Spencers headshot

    Josephine Spencer

    Non-Executive Chair of Quality and Safety Committee

    Shokat Lals headshot

    Shokat Lal

    Non-Executive Chair of People, Culture and Organisational Development Committee

    Alex Bretts headshot

    Alex Brett

    Chief People Officer

    Chris Ibells headshot

    Chris Ibell

    Chief Digital Officer

    Heather Johnstones headshot

    Heather Johnstone

    Interim Chief Nursing and Therapies Officer

    Paul Browns headshot

    Paul Brown

    Chief Finance Officer

    Sally Youngs headshot

    Sally Young

    Director of Corporate Governance

    Dr Paul Edmondson-Jones MBEs headshot

    Dr Paul Edmondson-Jones MBE

    Chief Medical Officer

    Chris Birds headshot

    Chris Bird

    Chief Transformation Officer

    Phil Smiths headshot

    Phil Smith

    Chief Delivery Officer

    Jon Rouses headshot

    Jon Rouse

    City Director, City of Stoke-on-Trent Council (Partner Member)

    Dr Jack Aw (non-voting member)s headshot

    Dr Jack Aw (non-voting member)

    Partner Member - Primary Care

    Neil Carr (non-voting member) s headshot

    Neil Carr (non-voting member)

    Partner Member - Physical Health. Chief Executive - Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

    Buki Adeyemo s headshot

    Buki Adeyemo

    Interim Chief Executive North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust , Partner Member - Mental Health

    Paddy Hannigan s headshot

    Paddy Hannigan

    Partner Member - Primary Care

    Tracy Bullocks headshot

    Tracy Bullock

    Chief Executive Officer, University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (Partner Member)

    John Hendersons headshot

    John Henderson

    Chief Executive Officer, Staffordshire County Council (Partner Member)

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