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Who’s involved?

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1 July 2022

The development of the ICB, as a statutory organisation, gives us a unique opportunity to bring the NHS together locally to:

  • improve population health
  • establish shared strategic priorities within the NHS
  • connect to partnerships across the wider system, delivering the long-term strategy.

This collaborative approach will support health and care services locally to remove barriers, facilitate shared responsibility and resources and take an innovative approach to tackling the wider determinants of ill-health and inequalities.

We serve a very diverse population, with complex health and care needs, comprising both rural and urban areas, extremes of affluence and deprivation, as well as significant health inequalities.

We have a strong commitment from all our partners to make our vision a reality and to make a tangible difference to our residents and communities, by working together.

The local health and social care service landscape is complex. Our partnership includes: