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31 May 2024

A response to NHS England’s Statement on Information on Health Inequalities


This report on health inequalities forms part of the ICB’s response to NHS England’s Statement on Information on Health Inequalities (duty under section 13SA of the National Health Service Act 2006). and details information that the ICB should collect, analyse and publish as part of addressing health inequalities.

It is intended that information within this report should be used by services and boards to inform service improvement and reductions in healthcare inequalities. This includes, but not limited to, using the information to inform:

  • strategy development
  • policy options review
  • resource allocation
  • service design
  • commissioning and delivery decisions
  • service evaluations

The report covers includes ten domains and – where possible – focuses on variables by: sex/gender, age, deprivation and ethnicity. The indicators align to the five priority areas for addressing healthcare inequalities set out in the priorities and operational planning guidance and the Core20PLUS5 approach.

Data has either been sourced from existing anonymised data sources – namely Secondary Uses Service (SUS) data – or tools/dashboards that have been made available via NHS England.

The report provides high-level descriptive analysis only and is intended to help monitor activity – leading to more detailed and robust analysis where appropriate – to further reduce healthcare inequalities.

Health Inequalities Report