Adult community mental health transformation

Adult community mental health transformation

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1 July 2022

What is the Community Mental Health Transformation Programme?

This forms part of a national programme set out in the NHS Long Term Plan to enable adults with severe mental illness to access care and support in a new, more joined up and effective way, regardless of their diagnosis or level of complexity.

This is about offering flexible and personalised care and support that responds to an individual’s mental health needs and preferences close to home; while also increasing support for the wider factors that can impact wellbeing, such as employment, housing and physical health.

To do this, health and care providers are working more closely together, based within networks of local GP practices (known as Primary Care Networks), alongside local authorities and voluntary and community organisations.

Our vision

The following has been co-produced with people with lived experience of mental health services:

“Our vision is that by working together we create mental health services that are inclusive, accessible, values people as they are and is responsive to their needs. We will embrace innovation and new ways of working to remove traditional barriers, improve communication and training, and provide personalised support that enables people to live well and realise their full potential.”

Guiding principles

This programme has a particular focus on transforming adult eating disorders, personality disorder/ emotional regulation, and community rehabilitation services.

Partners are working together to develop an integrated system of care and support that:

  • Improves access to care; making it clear, simple and quick to get support when it’s needed
  • Ensures care is flexible and personalised to reflect the service user’s needs and preferences
  • Has a holistic approach, putting the patient, not their diagnosis or their symptoms, at the centre of their treatment plan.
  • Removes the need for service users to re-tell their story every time they receive care.

Our partners

This transformation involves a range of partners, who are working together to deliver a fully integrated community-based model of personalised care and support for people with severe mental illness.

These partners include:

  • Primary care services – with integrated services based within networks of local GP practices (known as Primary Care Networks)
  • NHS mental health providers – Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust & North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Integrated Care Board
  • Local authority social care commissioners – Staffordshire County Council & Stoke-on-Trent City Council
  • Voluntary and community sector organisations – Support Staffordshire & VAST.


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