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Urgent and emergency care

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1 July 2022

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We’re working to make it easier for you to understand where you can go when you have an urgent health need or healthcare emergency and ensure the treatment you receive is timely and of high quality.

Priorities and projects

  • We will ensure that when you require urgent and emergency care you receive the right support in the right place – first time
  • We want to connect urgent and emergency care services together to fully meet the physical, mental health and social care needs of everyone living in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent
  • We’re committed to providing a responsive, urgent health service outside of hospital so you no longer need to queue in hospital emergency departments
  • We will ensure that adults and children with more serious or life-threatening emergencies receive treatment in centres with the right facilities, processes and expertise in order to maximise their chances of survival and a good recovery.

Aims and outcomes

  • We want you to go to the right place, first time to meet your urgent and emergency care needs
  • We’re working to connect urgent and emergency care services and deliver the national requirement for Urgent Treatment Centres
  • We want a ‘single system’ approach to the way services are planned and delivered
  • We want to ensure the right services are provided out of hospital to your home
  • We’re making sure the correct processes and support are in place to enable you to be discharged from hospital in a safe and timely manner.