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12 July 2022

We understand the challenges that working in health and care presents, and not only how these can impact our wellbeing at work, but also how our personal challenges can also impact how we feel.  Our colleagues health and wellbeing is a key priority for the system, recognising that we want our teams to feel a sense of belonging and that they can bring them whole-selves to work and be respected for the individual needs that they may have.

Health and wellbeing programmes for the system include:

  1. Be Well Midlands – a regional collaboration to understand, through holding big conversations with our people, how we can enhance our colleagues health and wellbeing provision specifically focusing from a health inequalities lens. 
  2. Staff wellbeing hub – a supportive service for colleagues to access support for their mental health and wellbeing.  Resources to provide colleagues with steps and tools to proactively support their wellbeing.
  3. Repository of resources – the system and providers have a wealth of resources and tools to support colleagues health and wellbeing, with the aim to where possible, share access.
  4. Staff counselling services – a team that is committed to supporting individuals and team with their mental health and wellbeing.
  5. Wellbeing champions – there are many colleagues within your organisation that have committed to championing wellbeing and sharing communications and promoting the wealth of support available to our people.

For more information, please contact neil.clarke@combined.nhs.uk